Israel/Hamas Wars

Immediately after Israel launched its surprise aerial assault against Gaza militants, on Dec. 27, 2008, I rushed down to the border area. I stayed there for most of the following three weeks reporting on the battles inside the strip and on the heavy rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities. During this time, I also did dozens of radio and broadcast hits for AP and its American affiliate stations. Fast forward to Nov. 14, 2012 and I was at it again, covering another Israel-Hamas war in the south. This time around the war came closer to me as I reported on rocket attacks against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well. July 8, 2014: On my first day back to work from a World Cup assignment in Brazil I'm welcomed home to yet another Israel-Hamas war. This one will go on for 50 days and I reported from way down on the Gaza border to as far as the long-range rockets reached into Israel.